Saturday, March 30, 2013

A List of the Best Known UK Factoring Companies

Factoring and invoice discounted products due to the low level of advertising and promotion of the invoice finance industry, many companies do not recognize that our research turns out. Small and medium-sized enterprises - we are talking about, any invoice finance products've never seen this ad during last year of our study, 80% of small and medium-sized enterprises, he said.

SME businesses the best they can think of the first name of the invoice finance company to request a sample This is what we consider the most well-known is known within the industry a list of companies has been compiled.

Results were as follows:

42% - One of the invoice finance company can not think of!

24% - Lloyds TSB Commercial Finance

13% - RBS Invoice Finance

8% - Barclays sale financial

5% - Bibby Factors

3% - HSBC

2% - Close Invoice Finance

2 percent - Venture Finance

1% - GE

Consider the company this interesting list of the various proposals. The first 42% of the respondents believe that it is impossible to name a single invoice finance company can not. Be at least partly driven by the very low level of awareness, low take this product within the business community to support the theory.

Arm, just consider the company noted the following about half of the bank, which is owned Available in the market does not reflect the true spread awareness of financial companies consider With the fact that their industry personnel and some 46 members of the Asset Based Finance Association (ABFA) alone contributed a number of other trusted businesses is not a member of the ABFA. Recognized many of these companies market appears to be very low.

Must consider the market, the lack of knowledge about the full range of the company means that there is a possibility of losing some of the best benefits available to customers.

Corresponding to this list, as well as if we consider or invoice discount business requirements through its cash flow and help to make sure that they are getting the best deal on strongly to other invoice finance companies to find will recommend a suitable company to consider.

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